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I am glad to live in this era and I really appreciate the efforts of people who have already done so much into contributing to improvements in technology; the benefits of which we are utilizing now and appreciate the technology itself, which allow us to present our ideas, and their transformation into a working product, to your cryptocurrency, is a revolutionary idea taking birth in the form of Bitcoin. It has now expanded to various genius ideas, providing opportunities to people improving the business ethicality, making the concept of the world as a global economy a truth, and much more.
Cryptocurrency is virtual money that does not have a physical body and is based on blockchain technologies. An automatic decentralized payment system helps to calculate the currency.
Nowadays there are most more than 1000 different cryptocurrencies. The main ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monera, Ripple, and so on.
Research has demonstrated that a large number of individuals on the planet utilizing social Media in sending a message to their affection ones or family members with their information.
In any case, there is a difficult people are looking in web-based media channels, for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Individuals have been visiting for nothing without getting a profit from the online media channels they are utilized.
Proprietors of the web-based media channels are the main ones profiting monetarily from the exertion of their clients in visiting on their foundation, and proprietors of web-based media channels have enormously gotten mogul.
Due to these difficult individuals are looking in the possession of web-based media proprietors, the ASLAproject group has come up, with an inventive thought that breaks up this issue of not getting a profit in talking via online media channels.
The ASLAproject group has built up a ground-breaking messenger under blockchain innovation that is anything but easy to utilize, straightforward, quick, and secure; with ASLA messenger one will get a profit from chatting.
When you download ASLA messenger from Google-play or Applestore and register, you will get 11 AGA tokens as a profit, and in the event that you send 1000 messages in the first one month, you additionally get another 40 tokens you can exchange to crude money on the ASLA platform.
Brothers/sisters individuals have been visiting on various online media channels without profiting by their chatting monetarily, because of exploration. Exploration has caused me to find where everybody on the planet can be chatting and be profiting monetarily from their visit that is the ASLA messenger. Simply go to Google-play or Applestore and download your ASLA messenger and begin winning, am already procuring from the ASLA courier.
ASLA Messenger: Messenger is a service that allows you to receive and send text messages (as well as media and audio) on mobile devices in real-time. Today messengers are the main leaders among all other services to exchange messages. However, they also have disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is not good enough security and anonymity. Most messengers store data in a centralized database that is viewed and controlled. is an innovative messenger by ASLAproject. Due to it, users will be able to avoid the risks of data loss and lack of privacy since the application is meant to be decentralized avoiding centralized databases
This is a functional decentralized environment for investment and profit, built on the basis of blockchain and smart contracts, where the main currency is the ASLA token. When frozen, the ASLA token gives you daily dividends from the platform's turnover and will be a priority for the ASLAgame token.
Our team of young IT professionals invites everyone to join the project today.
Dividend? Of course, this is everyone’s target. Today our token has low priority, but in the nearest future, its value will rise twice or even more in price. There will be many plans in the future (keep in touch for more information). And one day our ASLA token will turn into a coin, which will be sold and bought all around the world with eagerness. Our success is your income and investments. This is the time-tested slogan.
ASLAdex - our decentralized exchange for digital cryptocurrency trading that combines the speed and security of the blockchain system.
ASLAdex is a convenient way to trade without corruption and fraud.
ASLAdex is the security of storing digital assets.
Convenience. Security. Trade
Data that is sent as a normal transaction or as a smart contract cannot be edited or canceled
The issuance of any coin is absolutely decentralized and the final amount of currency is limited. How do I mine ASLA tokens?
By trading on our platform, You get ASLA tokens. At the top of the “Airdrops” tab, you will find information about how much TRX you need to spend as a result of bidding to get 1 ASLA token. The complexity of mining increases daily, so early players have the opportunity to get ASLS on more favorable terms.
How do I freeze ASLA?
To freeze your tokens, click the Freeze button. Your tokens will be frozen for movement during the freeze period.
How do I withdraw ASLA?
To withdraw your tokens. Click the Withdraw button. After defrosting, your tokens will be available to move again.



CONCLUSION: ASLAproject is the team of active professionals in the sphere of Blockchain technologies, offering everyone to join the project today. Success brings dividends to all. Namely, that’s why you should join - to conquer the place under the rising sun. Today ASLA token is gradually striving for growth. Very soon ASLA token turns into a coin that will be willing to buy on exchanges. The project is being effectively developed and expanded by new entertainment services. Our team prepares video records, support manuals, and online chats with direct round-the-clock dialogs.
Become a member of the ASLAproject today. Follow us on social media and messengers. We’ll develop this crypto dream together.
For more information please follow ASLAproject on the following social media channels
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