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European Court Rejects Swedish Proposal to Deport Terrorist Mig

The European Court of Justice has ruled against the Swedish government’s decision to deport a terrorist asylum seeker claiming that he must remain in Sweden because he could face potential torture in his native Morocco

The rest of the article is on its original link @Breibart below.

I find this totally unacceptable and those who live in Europe are already facing consequences. What will become of all this ordeal in couple of years ?

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Following you - great post. Please follow back. Vincentb to the moon!

  ·  last year (edited)

tbh im really starting to hate immigrants/asylum seekers, have you watched this programme called keeping up with the kahns on channel 4, like there was a part in the show where someone was granted asylum in the uk but main reasons why because france and spain were to ruff, bitch you just come out of a war torn country and france and spain is too ruff, stfu.

these twits will say anything to get some BS sympathy, jeez ive even seen news articles of scum who have faked there age to be adopted by unsuspecting foster parents.

i really think and sometimes even wish for a new world war to happen :S

  ·  last year (edited)

the thing is that dont even flee from war...majority of them are not even from syria. and btw why dont they go to the first nowar country, say saudi arabia or katar ,they are muslim countries , they should take their own brothers.

  ·  last year (edited)

i think because saudis are some of the biggest twats in the world, instead of making a home for there so called fellow brothers, they would rather keep people away from oman and what not and they would rather pay germany like 30 or 40 billion to house asylum seekers and build some mosques.
thankfully eu has began to wise up, should follow the steps of poland more.
theres a video on youtube about this immigration crap, and eu has just only really started to recover from the bubonic plague, reason why foriegn rats, solution foriegn immigrants lol wtf !?
they say if this carries on its very likely that there wont be an actual white person left in continental eu within 50 years.
im not racist but jeez louise its the white man that has supposedly for ever done wrong this and that, get F'd its the white man thats the minority always having to take the short end.
saudis have nothing but sand gold and oil, so all these wars are bull shit, its just a way to spread there sand people to decent land.
with out wars or there fast amount of gold, there muslims brothers would not be moving or even exist

and the other shame is that for me its usually the foreign people that have been granted citizenship that make the rest look bad, so people dont get helped from actual dier situations