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When i hear about news like this, it makes me sad, of course. But most of all, it makes me angry to know that humans can be, and are, so ignorant and so self-obsessed to make deliberate efforts in order to make money, while killing animals along the way.

There should be a serious penalty and sentence for poachers and all kinds of animal abusers. That should be the priority for animal advocates and organisations, to push for a harder sentence.
The most known example of endangered specie, is the White Rhino. To think those majestic animals are being killed for a piece of their horns.... I think that people who dont feel empathy for animals and are capable of hurting them, are few steps behind on a evolutionary* scale, i call them sub humans.

Animals, a sacred beings that would forgive us all evils we have done, but are we worthy of forgiveness? I think not.

The endangered specie list is in the link below where you can read more information about each of them.

*what i mean by evolutionary is a kind of mental, spiritual human evolution, that one can experience during life. Not the Darwin`s theory ( that we all know is just a theory with no proof at all )


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