Vincent Briatore is a scam and I have proof

in #vincent5 years ago (edited)

A couple months ago I started to feel seasoned enough to think I was ready for an ico. I heard horror stories but thought I was smarter. I was got..

I had been watching the market for about a year and a few months prior I sank 1.5k into eth which was a got move cuz I made about 8x. I started watching the ethereum evangelist himself Vincent Briatore and thought he had some real insight ... Boy was I wrong.

I wanted in on an ico but I knew there were scams. Vincent seemed legit and right on allot of predictions. I joined a group he had joined and he posted a new coin that promised to hedge 10 other coins and deliver growth and promise. LGNX was the coin built on the waves platform. I thought ok I'll throw in 500$ which I was new and thought it was a steal because I was fresh but after about a week I started to feel had because I was watching so many scams happening and I questioned the project. I looked for the website and it was no where to be found. Though I got response for a few days the response got scarce and I felt like a sucker and here is what happened when I emailed him. Mind you I participated in an ico from a legit looking legit looking website.

Don't believe this guy or any project he deals with. He is a shill. He will fuck you over at whatever cost. Be careful and do your homework and make sure your investment is safe. This is all unregulated and no one is watching it for you!


Finally someone else that thinks so as well. Guy is a total scammer.

I wrote this about Vincent and all the scams he is running. I get people messege me every day about new ones I didn't post. Please share this around guys.

Ty. It eats me up to watch his success on YouTube.

I'm glad you guys have written these posts. I started to get a bad feeling when I saw him recommending coins with precise price predictions (e.g. 2000%). Of course, no-one has to follow his advice, but his charisma and insight will fool a lot of reasonable people.

is never good advice, but is good that kind of guys exist was vincent and others in hard day feel better with myself

i cant agree more..
he just posted a video on a stupid coin saying it will soar to one dollar by end of august. He deleted the video the next day. He is also partnering with another kid called "Greg Valentine" promoting losing tokens and using exact terminology. BOTH like each others videos on Youtube and I have proof. One example is the token called "EBST".


So if i am deciphering your artical correctly, you made X8 your money on ether in witch you give no credit to Vincent, 1500x8=12,000.
Then you lose 500 on one bad pick by Vincent and you want him to refund your money for that pick.

Seems a little odd to me.

I have been watching his videos for about 8 months and it seems to me that most of his early picks went on to be awsome gainers.
Do you think his free picks and free insight should be 100% winners? If so how much should he guarantee x5? x10? x20?
Maybe you should stop wasting time posting on Steemit and do your own research.

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I have to disagree with you, just because you invested $500 without doing any research at all, doesn't mean is someone else's fault you lost it. You must ALWAYS do your homework before investing. I have made money and I have plenty of friends who have made money following Vincent Briatore's advice. You need to understand you can't buy during the hype and panic sell in red.

Do your homework next time and if you mess up, don't blame others.

It was his project. His ico. His website. Then 2 weeks after I bought the legit looking ico he took down the website and took off with everyone's money. Explain to me how this is my fault? He even took the developers money working with him.

Generally, I don't really believe these posts that point fingers at youtubers as they often pass the blame for their losses and don't do their research.
Not sure what to think in this case but for what it's worth he did have a phishing link for when he was posting about the Kin (kik) ICO.
Could have been a mistake but in addition to the other points you guys mentioned it sounds quite unlikely...

I think he's awesome honestly.

how imbecil can u be to send coins to some1 that says in all his videos DO NOT SEND ME CRYPTO ? how ? I'm glad some1 with his name scammed u...u suck

Thanks for sharing

it was not vincent ! come on he says it in all his videos . Contact him through his site or youtube. at least delete this article or update it

this was indeed very hard lesson, i'm sorry you have to pass true that for you realise only criminals have shortcuts, you throw away 28 coins trusting in a word of someone you don't know dont give 2 shits about you, so only hope you learn to treat your friends and family was well as you treat our character defects (complacent, dishonesty, laziness, greed, stupidity justification, point fingers, instead of recognizing how fucktard decision you made) every body at one point did something like that but not with 28 coins of ETH, relax you have people trow way 7000 bitcoins way. you ill recover.

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Thanks man for exposing this con Artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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