[Dev Blog] End of the January update

in vimmtv •  25 days ago

Hey there, it's @chiren with another dev update for the official @vimm blog. In this entry I will share some of the recent changes and additions to Vimm.TV as well as some additional info for the developers out there.

Chat Overlay and Other Widgets

Your dashboard now provides you with a few widgets for your stream. To use these, simply copy the given URL into a browser source in your favorite broadcasting software.

Email Verification

You can now verify your Vimm.TV account by connecting your email address in your account settings. This will allow you to enable email related features like notifications, newsletter, password recovery, etc...

Vimm.TV Newsletter

If you'd like to stay updated with the latest news and developments @vimm, you can now sign up to the Vimm.TV Newsletter by going into your account settings under the "Alerts & Notifications" section.

While we try to put out frequent updates, we promise to never spam you. <3

Knowledge Base and Support Channel

As Vimm.TV grows, we want to continue providing adequate technical support for our users. In order to do that, we decided to set up a dedicated channel and move our technical support away from Discord. This will allow us to provide a better experience for everyone and keep better track of known issues, features suggestions, and support requests.

We started putting together a Knowledge Base where you can find guides, general information and FAQs. It is a work in progress, and will receive frequent updates over the coming days.

Vimm API and Chat Docs

It's finally here! The Vimm API Docs contain information for all of our public facing endpoints to help you develop your own tools. New endpoints will be rolled out and added to the docs in the near future.

That's it for now! Stay tuned for the blog and the newsletter because we have a lot of good things coming to Vimm very soon :)

Keep on streaming!

Get in touch!

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great changes.... we love em ;)


Glad you like em ;)

Thank you @vimm for contributing to the development of the Vimm.TV platform and Steem. #vimmtothemoon

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Very cool @chiren!! Appreciate everything you and the vimm team do man!

Great work. Happy to see continued dev and improvements! :)

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