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RE: (Eng/Ger) Shadowbringers - Beraten und Sammeln... nächstes Ziel Kohlusia? 015

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The game looks great, but they changed the combat to a third person real time role playing game .

I played Final Fantasy X, it was about Sin destroying the world.

You ran around the game in third person but the battles were turned based and you were in a group of 4 if memory serves me correctly.

There was a mini game in it also called Blitzball, I loved playing it ,
It was like underwater soccer.
Did they add that to this one?

You said whilst I was watching the live stream it had some things from previous games in it as the series of games do not really connect.

Anyways thanks for stream this .

Have an awesome day!

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thanks for watching and commenting :)

well this game is mostly online and playing with others together, so they kinda drifted away from the single player style with this one. But you find characters and bosses that you may know from other parts.

Blitzball is not included, other minigames are present however, but nothing like that was. But you may like chocobo racing :D

see ya next time mick

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