Equilibrium Anticipating Confidence

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I'll really not be doing not much, more listening and guitar playing probably.
Drop by and say hello, or just lurk and listen!

Equilibrium Anticipation Confidence

Confendence? I should try that I suppose!
I anticipate that ... ?
.. TAROT meditations ..

A Once Asked Question:

What's with you and all that Chinese?

Once I was afraid of getting dementia and I wanted
to do something really mentally different and hard to try and keep my
mind sharp. I realized I hadn't learning anything new in a long while. Also I really like a lot of the music. The goal is to write a song for the Chinese market.

I never was good at languages, I barely got through my foreign
language requirement in high school. Finally did just enough to pass
in the Spanish for slow learners class!

So anyways I'm “studying” the melding of Chinese pop music
culture with western music. And also Chinese culture in general, and
also learning the language (a little).

Stream Schedule UTC (Some Days)

Maybe more then before!

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