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Come HOME to CANNA CURATE discord and the new website featuring the Hash Kings Dispensary and landing page for things Canna ! Join the most ORGANIC community on the blockchain and beyond!


Tune In to GHRO: Green House Radio Online

Join the Canna-Curate Discord group to tune-in to GHRO for Talk, Chat, News, and Music Podcasts. A great way to connect with fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

Mondays-7pm EST Getting Screwed in the Green House @ganjagirl
Mondays-9pm EST Red Label Metal @gregorypatrick
Mondays - 10PM EST The Jon & Blunt Show @jonyoudyer & @bluntsmasha
Tuesdays-10pm EST Chronic and Coffee @fracasgrimm
Wednesdays - 7:30PM EST Modern Hippie Hour @props
Wednesday - Midnight EST MaryJane Jams @maryjane
Thursdays - 7-8PM EST Seshjuan - Talk, News, Music @jackdub
Thursdays - 8-9PM EST PrettyNiceRadioShow @prettynicevideo
Fridays - 5PM EST THE REAL RESISTANCE - News, Talk, Music @gregorypatrick
Fridays - 7PM EST Cheap Home Grow Podcast @cheaphomegrow
Fridays 9PM EST Fried Radio @DJ Danny P
Sundays - Midnight PST from the Afterlife (Art Bell Archives) Dan of HashKings

Tune-In to the Live GHRO Podcasts, and chat with other cannabis enthusiasts - on the @canna-curate Discord.

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