[VOD] Vimm.TV - Weekly Dev Update

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Vimm.TV - Weekly Dev Update

Category: Talk Show
Sub-category: Developer Talks

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As usual, I'll be doing a recap of everything that happened for VIMM in the last 7 days.

Feel free to ask anything in chat!

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I was not able to watch stream because I was in the gym but I did watch the VOD and I'm so excited about the new server and the new chat things.I said that I believe in Vimm and u already proving that my believe was in the good place. 3days to monday update guys!

Great job , Your channel has nice content @chiren


Great job, Your comment has nice content!


Thank you for the update... great information on the new server! Looking forward to seeing the changes!

Hi guys, when are you planning to update the UI? The website is like telling every visitor "go away" with this white/grey layout :)