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Let's play some more Chain Monsters today. I was being schooled by one of my viewers on what's what. So basically, all the monsters that I caught are mostly garbage, and I should work towards getting better ones with better IV stats.

I was also informed about shiny monsters which also has me a little wondering about how much of a knock-off this game is regarding Pokemon. I haven't played pokemon in years but there's a lot of mechanics taken from the game (i thought shiny mons were unique at first). While the game itself isn't completely copied, I wonder if pokemon can sue chain monsters for making this? I guess time will only tell...

Actually makes me want to buy a Nintendo Switch for my kid with pokemon so I can see what it's like. It would be okay, because I'm getting it for my kid...right?

Anyways, let's play some! I did a lot of grinding yesterday so there's a high probability that I'll change up games for a while. I didn't check the weather but it was nice all week...kind of bummed that it's raining now that it's the weekend. Was hoping to do a live agate's coming! Soon!

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What season are we in? The SM Website once told me...literally once. Can't find that info anymore.

If you are interested in some Axie Infinity...feel free to join under me! I would really appreciate it!

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As always, it is inevitable that I may get called away from my PC mid-stream for business. I'll usually announce if I am returning, but will need to end the stream quickly when this happens.

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