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RE: Adventures of the Viking-kind Part 0.03

in #viking5 years ago

This gem of a post was discovered by the OCD Team!

Reply to this comment if you accept, and are willing to let us share your gem of a post! By accepting this, you have a chance to receive extra rewards and one of your photos in this article may be used in our compilation post!

You can follow @ocd – learn more about the project and see other Gems! We strive for transparency.

If you would like to be resteemed by @ocd and reach a bigger audience, use the tag ocd-resteem. Three posts using this tag will be chosen each day by our curators to be RS. Good Luck!

@Ocd now has a witness, please vote for @ocd-witness to help support other undervalued authors!


I accept your challenge!

Here you got mentioned:
If you would vote @ocd-witness as witness for thanking us for our work that would be aweasome.

hey PI found you too...

he found me also but i think i didnt get into this OCD stuff :D

Yeah your post didn't made it in the compilation, you didn't got enough votes from the other curators.

awww... im to serioous :D

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