International Federation of Palynological Societies?
International Fluid Power Society?
International Federation for Produce Standards?
Interactive Financial Planning System?

Help me, my Google-fu must not be working today on IFPS <3
Maybe this helps or it wasn't a misspelling and I didn't get the Joke.
Could imagine it could be mispelled as Joke like HODL but I don't know.

thats IPFS not IFPS

Ah, man. And I was still looking up Palynological Societies.

You party pooper.

true :)

"thats a RIGHT triangle you idiot!"

lol i was wondering the same

Your effort is great, but i think YouTube videos are working great at this time, maybe you will get success with it but if you got tons of uploads, then i am afraid that you won't be able to sustain the costs of the servers, because bandwidth is very expensive for video streaming i guess @furion

The idea with IPFS is that you don't need a central server. The files are distributed across the internet on many computers similar to the way BitTorrent works. But I guess for the time being they will need to be hosted, until IPFS is more widespread.

Right on!

Yeah, currently we only pull videos encoded with VP9, and yours is not. We will add support for more formats in the future.

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