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This is way to science-y for me but I always keep an eye on the ground for big pieces of jewels or metals that might be worth something, the platinum you guys mined were on the atomic level!

wow wow wow!!!

Eureka! Plats on the road! Chemistry is cool... :)

If you like Cody's Lab, then you might also enjoy Nile Red.

I hope you guys carry good workman's comp.

Do you also turn up Palladium from the converters?

6.7g/ton seems pretty small at first, until you consider how much gold is in seawater:

"Each liter of seawater contains, on average, about 13 billionths of a gram of gold."

@sneak, I watched all the way till the end!

That was AWESOME!

Damn! I thought this was a euphemism for mining crypto or something.. nope! literally mining platinum from the road lol

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I actually sat and watched the whole thing. Very cool experiment. So if you see a black guy with a shovel on the side of the road mining for gold, thats me.

Hi @sneak, I am Matthew's @matthewtyoung brother and was wondering if you could please let me know if the account suspension has been lifted. Matthew has sent an email and you kindly replied, however, nothing has happened since. Can you please advise when this will be lifted. Many thanks. Jonathan.

WhaT a COOL V-iD !! - ))
i'm so impressed with the PASSION !! - ))

IS this YOU @sneak ?? - ))
IF so .. YOU're operating at an INSANE GENIUS LEvEL !! - ))

IF not ... what an AMaZING FIND !!!!!! - ))

MY curiosity was "glued" .. the W-holE WAY thROUGH - ))))
.. i wanna 'sign-UP' as a lab assistant !! - ))
ha ha .. sweeping at 3 AM .. crazy FUN !! - ))

GreaT PosT !! - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

Yeah he got a tiny spec, but the point was to show all teh stages and how its actually a LARGE amount, iuts actually a valuable roe! if you actually colelcted that dust you COULD make money off it it would be maybe worth it! its crazy!

and you can actually make a profit and aliving off tyaking gold dust frm the sidewalks of teh streets of new york!
remember this guy?

Cannot believe this!!! Our roads now have Platinium in them. I better grab my tools and go mine some platinum from the sidewalk.

I will do this too :)

Great editing indeed! Chemistry is not really my cup of tea, but I stayed glued to the vid for 10 minutes!

Now I'm still wondering what range of precious metals just lies around near the roads and how much of these by-products of combustion engines we're actually breathing in on a daily basis.

Great video!