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I sometimes forget that I should probably link to the work that I'm doing for PC Gaming Network over here on a regular basis.

So let's do that.

I sometimes forget that I should probably link to the work that I'm doing for PC Gaming Network over here on a regular basis.

So let's do that.


The truth is that I am still a little weirded out that I have become what I despise, in a sense:

I've joined the ranks of game journalists.

How did that happen?

Well, someone was soliciting for new writers for the blog on social media, I sent an application along with some sample writing, they sent back a request for an actual audition piece, and that was the first bit that they put up on The Wargamer.

And now, having done it more than once, I think that might make me a professional. Disturbingly enough.

I promise that I will not be caught in some sort of journalistic sting having inappropriate sexual relations with someone that I'm supposed to be covering. If I'm caught, it will be having totally appropriate sexual relations.

I promise that any of the opinions that you read under my name are mine, because no one else would want them. It's a wonderful protection for you as the audience.

I promise that no matter what, I can absolutely be bribed – but it's probably not worth the effort. You can try to buy my love with free games, travel, or anything else, but I'm just going to write whatever I like anyway and if you complain about me not fulfilling your bribed, I'll just lie and say that someone else made a better offer. Maybe it'll even be true.

I promise that if I get into a big, ridiculous mess, I won't make a fake apology, I won't pretend that I care when I don't, and I'll remind you that while whatever it was might have been a mistake, I did it with full consciousness and intent.

I promise that if you decide not to read what I write for moral or ethical reasons, I'll think less of you. I'll still support your ability and right to make that choice, but my judgment will be harsh and fair.

I promise that there is no sex in the Champagne Room.

I think that's all I've got.

If you've got questions about things that I've written, by all means ask them on the site where you see that writing going on. It makes me look good if people engage. If you've got questions about writing, or the thoughts that go into writing, or how I organize my writing, or just want to throw a general atta boy – do it here.

If you want to bribe me, send a private message. Subject to previous caveats.

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Tremendous! Thanks for sharing.

Too bad you probably can't post this directly to Steem, but it's always cool to see someone go into depth on games that I don't have time to play.


Yeah, things which I get paid to write elsewhere, I generally give up long-term publication rights as part of the deal. Not necessarily because I have to, but because it feels right to me as a writer that the publication owns the piece if they paid for it.

That doesn't keep me from linking to it and providing behind-the-scenes/in-my-head commentary, of course. I like to think of it as the commentary track.

EU4 is one of my favorite games of all time. It also has a learning curve like trying to go up the cliffs of Dover naked. Almost vertical. Is it rewarding to feel like you're creeping toward mastery? Absolutely. Is it a hard slog with a lot of complicated bits and moving parts? Absolutely.

I should really see if they want to publish a piece on 4X games with an eye to getting into enjoying and playing them. I think there might be a market.

this game it´s outstanding a lot! it make me be what im now as professional! Great review