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hey very good to all, these are some of the most disappointing video games that have been. videogames that were very promising at the time but that turned out to be quite bad when going out

STEEL BATTALION HEAVY ARMOR: this game is supposed to require precision but at the same time it uses the kinect which makes it a disaster, since the crew member of a tank must do specific tasks, the problem is that the kinect did not detect the movements well and things did not go well. some of the missions necessarily require the use of kinect so it was a failure RAVEN'S CRY: from the beginning this game had almost all the possible bugs, so much so that they retired it and they returned to throw but that version also had many problems and to finish it its history was boring, its bad gameplay and due to its thematic of pirates had content of racist tone NO MANS SKY: this game promised a lot, it really was a lot. you were supposed to literally have a universe of possibilities, you could explore hundreds of unique worlds and compete with other adventurers but it turned out that they were just identical worlds with different colors, bored space travel and no multiplayer was undoubtedly the biggest disappointment regarding video games this decade do not forget to leave your vote if you liked it and comment that you thought, greetings ~
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