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And How It's Changed My Channel

When I started my YouTube channel, the schtick was edgy; punk chic, complete with drunk crafting and questionable conversation topics.

I allowed, as one would when practicing feminist punk rock parenting, my 3-year-old to choose her hair color. I helped her dye her hair various shades of pink and purple over the years and never thought much of it.

Then I made a video of the process.

It was picked up quickly in the swirl of sensational bad parenting stories that also had to do with letting your kids have rainbow colored hair and then soon enough into the fray of other parents like me who have encouraged their children to become unicorns on camera.

The video is 7 months old and in that time my camera and editing skills have come a long way, however, this is the one that brings in 800-2,000 views a day, everyday.

And Then I Made A Follow-Up

Thinking that I could ride my own wave of crosslinked views, I made a second video. This time with both of my kids and much better camera and editing skills. This one gets a measly couple of views a day if I'm lucky.

Changing my Schtick

Even though my second video of kids hair dying does not do nearly as well as the first, it has forced me to really look at what videos do well on my channel and why.

After a few data digs, I was able to come to the conclusion that 80% of my views on YouTube are on videos in which my children appear. So, I have slowley tried to get away from the drunk crafting with friends and instead use my creative powers to come up with projects that I can do with my kids.

I do not have enough data yet to say if the shift has done wonders or not but in every way my channel is growing (inch by inch) which is good.

I'm going to keep plugging away at every idea and platform that comes my way!

Thank You For Watching and Reading! Cheers!

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