Lets talk ONO, GOLOS, & Steemit, Ways to earn so that you can buy BTC! Plus find out how to enter into the FREE BTC Giveway!

in video •  3 months ago

Today we are talking about 3 Social Platforms in the Crypto/Blockchain space.

First off we have..



Next up we have..




And Finally..



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Golos could be call a clone of Steemit. It has it's own blockchain. It's the Russian version of Steemit.

Do I need an invite for ONO? I applied for one just now anyway.


Yeah, right now they are going with the Invitation code style.


Yes, you need an ONO Invite Code
You can use mine AJRO


How do I use it?


Download the app for your phone.. from https://ono.chat/en or from the play store.

Open and SignUp..

During sign up it will ask for invite code.