Chinese woman hit by car, ignored, run over again, Inhuman!

in video •  2 years ago

Hello guys, and Fellow Steemit,  so I saw this video posted in youtube about this Chinese girl, I don't know if she want to commit suicide by standing in the middle of the road or something, but that's not the point here!, the point is that, the driver of the car, just smash and collide his/her car with the lady standing in the middle of the road, just think for a second, that is human not a toy!

Warning: the following Video contains disturbing scene of how f***ed up humanity became, Viewer discretion is advised.

if you watch the video you will see how after the first car run over the girl,and run, people walking by just don't care at all, it's really really sad, It makes me question myself, does humanity steep so low, that a lot us only cares about is money ? how about our basic morality :(

And After the first car hit the girl, the second car came, hit for the second time! Seriously, this is really just maddening!, It's so evil!.

Signing off.
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Just to clear things:
That's common in china, if you hit a person with your car you'll be sued.
If you kill the person with you car, you won't be sued nor punished.

That's inhuman but china is so dense populated that the government got no other choice.


Yes what a sad truth :(, but whether there population is dense or not, it is not enough reason to kill someone right ?.