I ASK FOR A WINK AND A KISS FROM MY LOVE.. And he did! Watch him 😉

in video •  3 years ago  (edited)

I know He would kill me for putting this but sorry my love i just can't contain myself and would love to share it to everyone! So I ask my love of my life a kiss and a wink! He did yakyak at first but still send me this. Why do i want this, i do not know but you make me love you even more! We are far apart as of now. He is in UK while im in the Philippines. But still feel him near me as always. He doesnt like taking video of himself. But for me he did! Lucky me!

I believe that no one can do that better than he can. And I tried many times hahaha.. I look stupid!

So watch this and tried it if you can.
[Give Me a kiss and wink!]Why I want this? I do not know! Lol..:

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