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RE: The Ben and Lauren Show Episode 17

in #video4 years ago

Love you two! You’re so relatable. I’m the same way with the calendar! I honestly have no idea which one to follow because the all seem to have great reasonings to support their view. I also don’t feel a strong conviction to follow a certain one in particular. So I’m one of those that are contemplating following the the Jewish one just so I don’t feel like an odd one out. Is that bad?
Speaking of sugar... I finally got that honey if you are interested!


Thank you! LOL at relatable - does this mean you get slap happy around midnight too? You should've seen our blooper reel.

Well, I certainly can't condemn you. That's been my contention for about two years. I feel kind of lazy next to Ben who really wants to figure it out.

We are always interested in honey!!!!!!!!

Haha, maybe not the slap happy part! You’ll have to do a bloopers video sometime. I’d love to see that!
Just let me know a good way to get an address from you, and I can send some your way :)

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