Protohype & Eliminate LIVE (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Featured Artists : Protohype, Eliminate, Ghost Gardens, and Jozef x Jonomatic
Location : Skully's Music Diner in Columbus, Ohio.


View Video HERE









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Awesome seeing him in action again. Looks like you guys had a blast. Thanks for sharing this.

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Thanks man, it was amazing.

So the video is loading for you? I am having trouble getting it to play on my end.

Loaded fine for me on mobile. No issues.

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Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. Must be an issue with my network or something.

Eliminate was the best performer last night! Your hometown should be proud.

sick set up. Keep in mind that we have the #boombox tag my other profiles share all songs for free. peace

I had no idea about #boombox. I will be posting all of my edm related stuff under that tag from now on. Thanks for the recommendation.

You WIN! @docsait

Wow, it's very first time for me to see this kind of thing, great, very crazy and good. Moreover, this this entertain me a lot. Thank you

It was so much fun. Thanks for checking out the video!

Congratulations @daltono!
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Wow you so up in steem yes go dont stop❤️

I am just discovering Choon! What an awesome concept! Love it ❤️🦋🍀🌈🌴

Yes my friend recently told me about Choon!
I have yet to really dive into it yet though.


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