Simplifying Life - Minimalism?

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I'm interested in simplifying life a bit more and discussing some of the changes I've been making to hopeful make life just a little less distracting. Does this make me a minimalist? I hesitate to use that label, but it does seem to fall in line with some of the aspects of working towards a more minimal lifestyle. Hope you enjoy the video.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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Good topic Cap'n. Just as I'm thinking about what to bring to Steemfest. It was good to hear you in the Discord talking about that the other night. Packing for a trip starts in my head a couple of weeks before, so that's where I am now. As you may know, I started hiking this year and bought camping equipment for that; that's another area that really gets you thinking about gear, because you're carrying it on your back up steep hills!


Thank you sir. I've been working on my packing list the last couple of weeks as well :)

Not having "stuff" is freedom for me. We all need certain things, but everything else is extra.

Plus I agree with when it comes to work/steem/dtube/discord it is better to focus. I last week deleted a few servers on discord. This after staying off it for months. I found it a little overwhelming at first, but now I am more focused.

One of the most fun trips I had was traveling with only a tiny backpack (think plane hand luggage, but even smaller). It was so freeing that I was walking around with what I needed and therefore I wasn't constrained by it.

Can't wait for your video production/editing tips :)


Thanks for the comment. It is amazing the things that can grab your attention and distract. Also I'm just finding the things that I carry with me all the time...that really aren't useful but I carry them out of fear of needing and not having them, haha. I'm definitely a work in progress.


When I leave my place. I go without my phone. I leave that and then I can on focus on what I am doing outside. Plus it is great to watch everyone else glued to their screens.

Step by step and you will recognize what is clutter.

I've freed up 2 hours a day from discord alone :) Chatting on discord is way more fun than creating content, especially if you're part of an awesome community :)


Yes I've cut back a fair amount myself on the discord chatter. I really enjoyed it at times, but it is a big time suck, haha.

From my experience the only thing you really need to have is an extra pair of underwear. All jokes aside, I struggle with getting rid of things. I had times where I had gotten rid of something and then needed it later in life and have been a pack rat ever since. As for things that I have done to simplify my life there is really only one thing that stands out the most and that was marrying my wife. Made my life a lot simpler and hers a lot harder.


Hahaha. I would be interested if you wife would respond the same way? :D Nice to see you around again ;)


I would be interested also but I don't think I will ask at the moment,,,

I can tell you about living with stuff that fits on two bags of less than 23kg each ;)

Less is more!.

"The things we own end up owning us" -Tyler Durden



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I agree! I'm a work in progress :)


No worries! Incoming crash course in Krakow for you!!! :)

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Thank you man! Always an honor to make the show. I appreciate it!

yep... i really got my discord minimalized to ddaily, COM and steemitbloggers, certainly was too hectic trying to engage in so many discords.

i love the idea of minimalism. i moved to Guatemala to escape the fast pace of the states. but life is funny. you make these minimalist choices then precede to fill you life again.... i guess some weird habit psychology. somehow i have made my life busier than it has ever been.
but in a way... its busy with many things i want to be doing. and i have managed to cut a lot of the things i dont want to be doing out. so i guess its just varying forms of minimalism.

thanks for that chat. i found it useful and led me to personal reflection!


It's a precarious balance for sure of watching if I give up things....what will I fill them with, haha. I like your comment about being busy with the things I want to be doing. That's a perfect outlook in my opinion. It's ok to be busy as long as they are with the things I truly enjoy.

Enjoy your reduced rewards.

Flagging is fun!

i like you video. thanks. :)

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