My latest 3d-Fractal clip.................. finished today :D

in video •  last month 
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Greetings @armincopp - love your work, very original!
I am struggling to get my poetry content 'out there' and have barely any views or steem power to post or comment. Perhaps you might consider having a read and supporting me if you like it? Many thanks.

  ·  last month (edited)

oh following you :)

and will give you some upvotes (although worth nothing at the moment :D )

pwerhaps my resteems may help you a bit :)


@armincopp Many thanks 🙏 How on earth do you generate so many followers and how do people manage to monetise their content?


Oh.... the followers came over the months, as enough seem to like my works :)

and monetizing has got much harder than 2-1 years ago, as Steem was worth much more :-(

you simply have to be patient