Indonesia 260 Million Social Media Users

in video •  4 months ago

Indonesia 260 Million Social Media Users
If my Dtubers friends around the world trust me to be part of a curator in Indonesian territory I am very confident that their other social media users will join Platfrom Steemit / Dtube and I will also try to be a curator and not loose with my responsibility friends.
If my friends believe I am sure my friends will make meet-up Dtube Indonesia to invite friends to join on Dtube
Although SBD price is now very-very low from the first IDR reach Rp.180.000 per 1 SBD and now dropped drastically to Rp.15.000 per 1 SBD, our Content creator Dtubers / steemit Indonesia is very enthusiastic in our work do not look up turunya price sbd .
Ok friends first of me do not forget Follow, restem, and upvote, regards know and best regards, Thanks for watching

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