DTUBEDAILY Planting Rice in the Rice Field

in video •  3 months ago

Hi Dtube im Dtuber from Indonesia in this video I want to go downstairs to help parents in the process of planting rice. The process of rice cultivation takes up to 6 months to harvest. before going down to the ground in the fields in the first hoe until the soil is clinging to the paddy field in the hoe with a special car ... before planting rice we first prepare the seeds after we are ready to plant.

if rice is a month old we are recommended to treat it well sprayed with atoupun medicine to give fertilizer because most of the rice in our area comes with good pest or pest causing rice to grow less if it is 6 months old it can harvest. to water it in our area there is irrigation water from the river. thank you for waiting for our dtubedaily, hopefully useful friends.

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