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Heyyy everyone, its sooo cold, and everything is frozen, even the lake. Me and my friends decided to go for a small walk, i was sooo scared, because I did't want to fall in... hahahah Its a short video but I hope you enjoy it! The views were absolutely stunning as well ;) Enjoy!!

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Haven't experience such weather in the tropic Africa here. Talk hot weather, we have it in abundance. I so much enjoy the video. Enjoy your self too.

yep definitely not much ice in africa

heheh yeah i guess its diffrent! ;) glad you liked it!

Классно всё-таки у нас в Стропах xxxxxxxxx красота!!!

heheh daa ochenj kruto ;) xxx

wow such a warm spring :)))
the main thing is that you do not fall under the ice!
us need you :)) your delicious recipes :)))

hahah yeah i know who will cook on steemit if i go? :P hahah

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thanks for the warning

looks scary that nice, would not be nice to fall in that water!

I really enjoyed this video, PQ. The frozen shore of Lake Erie is eerily beautiful.

Hahahahaha the fear in your voice. I saw the cracks. Guess it is harder but still, a risk. Glad you defeated the fear. Glad you had fun too. That was really frozen!. Beautiful view...no...stunning, as you rightly put it.

brave girls @ bravo !!

hahah thanks ;)

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You need a snowmobile to zip across there!

Whaoooo... This is so cool. Fear fear Lol

heheh ;)

ahaha that reaction xD

Wow, that is super cold. Your video is quite interesting to watch. Thank for sharing.

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