The Alchemy of Distillation [Dabbing with a Mage episode 95]

in video •  9 months ago

Alchemy is the origin of modern day chemistry wherein the practitioner experiences that which is macro within their own microcosm. In today's episode, I discuss how the Alchemists use distillation in their laboratories.


PALPABLE POPE Ypyskypo Skwyrl, the Y'sas
Loser of Found Souls, Temple of Appled Thought
Erisian Ataxia Troupe

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This is a great concept. I have no idea how you keep focused after smoking dabs (is that the right term? I am such a square.). Thank you for sharing!


Dabs actually help me concentrate, haha. I experience racing thoughts all day long and a nice dab helps slow me down enough to actually think.

Umm interesting post! A lot of information there. I ferment my porridge before I eat it. I don't really know the chemistry of it but I know it feels better. Generally I eat when feels good, I guess i'm more of a healer than an alchemist. This is why this platform is great we can share cracking work @alchemage 💯🐒


Alchemy comes in many forms and practices, there is a never ending fountain of knowledge on these topics haha. Fermenting foods is great for the microbiome:)


Indeed. Yer getting into pickling also just need to get the ingredients 💯🐒