Playboy Sues Vice: Does This Help Verge (XVG)

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Serious question ... does this new revelation that Vice Industry Token, is not going to live up to its own hype, does this return interest in Verge? Keep in mind that both were pegged to be used as currency for PornHub. But out of the two, it would seem only ONE of them is an actual currency. The other is still an idea....

KRBE on the report, of Playboy Suing, and also ETH being called a Shitcoin by the CEO of BitMex

Here is a tweet when The Vice Industry Token partnered up with Pornhub

And apparently this is the response from Vice Industry Token, on the pending lawsuit by Playboy

[](GBT stands for Global Blockchain Technologies, which is the company hired to integrate VIT with Playboy). I guess they didn't do what they were hired to do, and now that has me wondering if they'll honor their agreement with PornHub. What's the latest with that? Are people paying for porn with cryptocurrency anywhere on the site yet?

How does this help the case for Verge, the original Pornhub Parnter?

Using a 'privacy token' is the goal, and could help the industry overall. As more and more companies embrace decentralized currency as payment.

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