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Having myself been one over a dozen tours of Turkey I am often asked for travel tips, advice and guides by those who have never set foot in what I deem to be on of the most enthralling countries across the entire globe; a country I think everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime!

One of the most common emails I receive is regarding whether or not Turkey is a safe place to visit. Many people have concerns regarding visiting the country, and while this is understandable to a degree, from experience, the threat is overplayed by quite a margin.

It is for this reason that I have decided to put together this article. I wanted to compile a list of all the most frequently asked questions I receive on a weekly basis, and provide detailed enough answers to each of these, allowing those researching tours of turkey to come away with valuable information.

If, by the time you’ve read this FAQ, you’ve decided that Turkey is definitely going to be your next holiday destination (a wise choice!) then you may want to head over to the following website to see the various tours of turkey that they offer:

Turkey travel: FAQ

Are vaccinations required?: From my experience, I was advised to have tetanus and Hepatitis A, although other vaccinations may be advisable also. However, please note that we are not medical experts; therefore, we will always recommend that you consult your doctor or general practitioner before travelling for any advice they have regarding vaccinations.

Tap water: drinkable or not?: Personally, I have never had any issues from tap water in Turkey; however I know many people that have consumed Turkish tap water and been anywhere from mildly ill to violently poorly! My advice here is to stick to bottled water if this is an option. Although your stomach may be resolute enough to take the local h20, it is probably best not to take the risk.

Is the food really as good as it’s made out to be?: Yes, yes, yes. 100% yes. It is my favourite place on the planet for food. ‘What kind of food is there?’ You’re no doubt wondering. Where do I start? Kebabs (the best in the world by a mile), cheeses, olives, a multitude of breads, hummus, dips, fruits, vegetables, nuts, jams, special sausages (called sucuck - these are delicious but can be very spicy, so be aware!), slow-cooked stews, baklava and of course Turkish delight - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In short, if you love food, then you’ll Turkey. Period.

Do I need to tip?: When eating out, it is standard practice to tip 10% of the total bill. Also, hotel porters, local guides and luggage handlers are typically tipped in the same way that waiters are, so make sure that you give them a few dollars every time they assist you.

Is it expensive?: Contrary to popular belief, Turkey is actually a relatively inexpensive place - even in the major cities such as Istanbul. The current exchange rate is favourable to tourists; therefore, a meal for two and drinks can be had for around $20, with accommodation rarely costing more than $50 per night (depending on where you’re staying of course). All in all, it’s a pretty cheap holiday, so make the most of it while this is still the case!

I hope the above guide helped! Don’t forget to get in touch if you need any more assistance.

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