Veterans on Steem Daily Highlights - 11 Oct 2018

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This highlighter curates the diverse content published by military veterans on Steem on a daily basis. It welcomes all sorts of content under all sorts of tags with the goal of showcasing the diverse contribution of veterans.

Daily Veteran Post Curation

Our daily contributors are selected from the @chairborne following list.

1@themarkymarkSteem Monster Giveaway Results - Build A Team editionsteemmonsters
2@dynamicryptoSTEEM + You = MOON! WE NEED YOUR HELP!steem
3@steemenginesHonda Brings back the Nostalgic Monkey Bikebusy
4@phelimintMy wife has upgraded here weaving!weaving
5@derangedvisionsIt is #whiskywednesday ya'll - Win Some SBD!!whiskywednesday
6@wolfhartUlog 11/11 day 3 cycle 1ulog
7@richq11"Be Seein Ya"... The Illusion of Displacement in the Prisonerinformationwar
8@jonyoudyerAnother Veg Room Update(#40)cannabis
9@flemingfarmBald Eagle Takeoff Photossteem
10@rodeo670Reflections After My First Year on Steemit - Still Just an Island Boy Living in Utah who Loves EDM :Psteemit
11@yosuandoniDesigns for the covers of your video Dtube design
12@randomnessThe Future of Businessbusiness
13@coldsteemNowhere in Africa - Movie Reviewmovies
14@rakkasan84My buddydogs
16@bembelmaniacOLD SCHOOL Gaming with Bembelvimmtv
18@wizardaveULOG: My Actifit Report Card: October 10 2018actifit
19@entrepreneur916My Actifit Report Card: October 10 2018actifit
20@inthenowPigskin Picks 10 SBD Poker Tournament - Get Up In It!spl
21@chuck2u32Eric Holder Encouraging Assault With A Deadly Weapon Against Republicansveterans
22@len.georgeAirfields Used By NZ Squadrons During WW 2, RAF Matlaskernzaf
23@stevescoinsNew Computer is inwriting
24@lexikon082A Frog Appears In My Officenature
25@protegeaaAsk Steemmaker Livevimmtv
26@focusfitSteemBasicIncome Giveaway - Elimination Game! Round 5steembasicincome
27@apshamiltonMy Actifit Report Card: October 11 2018actifit
28@frostyamber#ULOG 492 - Daily Thoughts - 10 Oct 18 - Homesteading Today...ulog
29@superdaveysuperdavey's Twitter Feed : 2018/10/11 16:15:47libertarian
30@cdwyattCompetition, Cooperation, and an Open Mindeducation
31@roger5120My Actifit Report Card: October 11 2018actifit

Member List

The full list of known veteran and serving member accounts can be found here.


This highlighter does not take responsibility for anything posted in the above list of links. It pulls indiscriminatingly and supports each veteran's right to be equally heard. The member list is checked regularly for account compromise and other issues. For more information read all about the Veterans Project here.


This highlighter will run on @guiltyparties until @chairborne reaches a follower list of 500 strong to ensure maximum visibility for the curated posts. Until then it will be re-steemed.


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