Having issues with Vessel

in vessel •  last month 

Is Vessel still the go to tool to manage accounts? I am having problems using it both on the mac and PC.

I get a lot of freezing on the mac and I can't sign in with my account on the PC.

Is this normal?

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I don't think it's actively maintained anymore. The Steem Keychain browser extension seems to do everything I've needed, but I think Steem Connect also has a desktop app now that you can try (I haven't tried it personally).

Thanks Matt.

Is it a password manager tool? for that purpose, I use bitwarden for chromium and it works perfectly fine for me. Never heard of the vessel before though, searching in google shows some odd results.

It had seemed abandoned for a while, but I remember reading that Vessel had an update a few weeks (or more) ago. You might make sure that you have the latest version. I haven't used it recently, though, and I've never used it on mac, so I don't know if the freezing is normal or not.

If, by "can't sign in", you are talking about how vessel opens when steemconnect prompts you to open the desktop app from your browser, I am not sure if that will work. You'd probably need to download the steemconnect desktop app, or just "import keys" in your browser. They've been making a lot of steemconnect changes recently, and it's not always very intuitive...

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