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RE: Vessel 0.2.3 - Bug Fixes

in #vessel3 years ago

This sounds interesting. What would happen, with this being a downloaded wallet, if you had an issue and your PC crashed? or your HDD burned out?

If you had a load of STEEM in that wallet, would it suddenly be gone? or is it just the Keys that are localized (I might have missed that part).


The way Steem accounts are slightly different than most other blockchains. BTC/LTC/etc all generate new addresses whenever you generate new wallets, but with Vessel, it's just using your existing account. There's no moving of funds into the wallet itself since it just has access to your account now (much like would if you put in your active key).

As long as you have a copy of your keys elsewhere, your funds/account are safe and recoverable.

Oh, so it’s just the UI that’s visible from the desktop securely and not everything being off-loaded onto the local PC. That’s a relief.

Everything is ultimately controlled with your keys you got when you signed up to If Vessel generates new keys (like in bitcoin-core), then you would need to backup it's data files. I don't know whether or not it does. It jst seems out of the ordinary for a Steem