Ethereum Token Exchange - Buy Veritaseum While It's Still Cheap!

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Hi fellow steemians and crypto enthusiasts, I have recently invested in VERI tokens during the Veritaseum ICO however there are many people that have missed the boat and want to grab themselves some tokens as it is still early days. In the founder & CEO Reggie Middleton's terms the token is a key to the financial analysis machine residing on the ethereum blockchain, as far as my understanding goes it provides you financial analysis reports in return for VERI tokens. The first report produced by this financial machine is for GNOSIS and has been given to the public for free, I highly recommend reading it as it provides a massive insight into the potential of Veritaseum, a link has been left below.

Firstly, Veritaseum has been mentioned by webbot and there has been plenty of other attention around the ability and potential behind it. If you are not familiar with the coin I would recommend watching the below video from Reggie, he provides a lot more insight into what the coin does than I could.

Even though the ICO has ended we are still able to purchase tokens on a small ethereum token exchange called etherdelta, I have provided a link to this below.

At this moment in time the tokens are still for sale at 28.57143 VERI per 1 ETH, still very close to the ICO sale price of 30 VERI per 1 ETH.

If you have any questions regarding the exchange please feel free to ask I am more than happy to help.


Donations are massively appreciated, I cannot afford to invest a lot and times are very tough, even a couple dollars to grab myself a small meal is a great help in exchange for the valuable information provided.

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I have created a separate post explaining exactly how you can purchase the tokens.



Hey buddy. Followed you because of this article. It's a good writeup, and I'm a fan of Reggie and VERI, as well as an ICO investor. I think it's a huge opportunity to build a new type of investment company, and I appreciate your spreading the word!

Thanks for the information @discostu. I had looked into Veritaseum a few months back, but with so many things going on, I got sidetracked from following it up in time to purchase before the ICO had finished!

I just checked out Etherdelta, and the current selling price is 5 VERI per ETH, so it looks like another boat has been missed for me in this one, sadly :(

many thanks for this post

If this Platform was based on the quality of content instead of who got here first, this article would be worth hundreds of dollars and you would not have to scrape together enough money for a meal. Here is to hoping the Blockchain lets us create fairer paid sites then this one!

Veritaseum token are available cheapy, while its price in the exchange in around 86$, whats the difference between to, can u pls explain.

Great article DiscoStu and followed you because of this! I'm a growing fan of cryptos and trying to tell my friends and family about it but they just give me the vacant-flouride-stare!! I was very interested in the Vertaseum ICO but missed my opportunity so this is a great help - thank you!

thanks mate ive followed you ok, ill be wanting to get on this boat, appreciate the info :)) cheers....


Thanks for the follow Richard! I shall follow back, listen to what Reggie has to say in some of his youtube video's, he makes a lot of sense as to what the coin does and is able to achieve, it's going to be a big one I tell you!

Veritize... Peer-2-Peer Capital Markets, Insurance, Precious metals, Media & Broadcasting, Real Estate, Technology, Utilities, EVERYTHING!

Veritaseum is the #1 Asset in the industry! Spread the NETWORK EFFECT.

Veritaseum to SOLVE balance sheet problems for sovereign nations. New Reggie Middleton Video.

I totally agree. Most people don't know Reggie's past track record of successful financial news even before Crypto. Look at this 2012 Interview where he predicts Brexit, Refugee Crisis, and many other things 5 years in advance. Reggie is SMART! (As a side note, just a week ago reggie did an interview with Clif high and others and there is he sitting in the same chair in the same home. I'm with Reggie 100% #Veritaseum

sehr interessanter Artikel, danke

Very good article. Good to see I'm not the only one who thinks like this. Sell the coins that you know nothing about. Do proper research on any coin you buy. If the market falls at least you can hold your coins knowing they have a long term future. Does anyone know about: I'm really happy with this site that gives complete coin analysis for every single crypto. Go to: For a complete Veritaseum Research report.

you mean buy it because you have it and want to get it.