Are we on the VERGE of a new AGE? (Excerpt from "Coin Games")

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To All... Dear ___  R1-BoTies

Perhaps you are on the Verge of pre_mined    x_tinction.

Lets talk about Verge/Wraith protocol marketing and the x-team. 

Is it ill-logicol? 

Is it a sick bird? 

Is it a WrAIther InGenius strategy to under_mine the chains of the other "e"-coins?

Will it be; 

(un)cross your eyes/fingers to be aware of the Vapor-Ware-Wolf?


 now you see me howling to the dark sy-doge'd the moon, now you don't? 

 Find out what's in their/our wallet, next time on 

"The Bocky and Rull-winkle Show"

hopefully this is a pre-congragulatory roast for the VERGE coin team.

For all of the Stepicts out there,  the logic is Deep + Sound.

P.S. The RevoluXion Will Be Live!

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Nova Era! It's the Portuguese expression for New Age, and yes, I believe we're right at the threshold. Surely Steemit is a sign of this, along with all of the symbols it represents: global currency, global community, global freedom, with love and lightness for all!


Viva Nova Era! Thank you and thank you for being here! Yes! I can see it! Let us continue to bee the xchange we wish to see in the world. Pehaps we are seing #xvgchange as well.

Looking at the words here, and curious about coding. Capitalization, letter shifting, hm. I'm perplexed at the complexity, and and fascinated. Trusting there are hidden gems inside.


Good eye detective. We need more keen like you. There is xchange to be. Thank you for being that. As for a code key, youll have to ..."find out next time" ;)