Verge's huge partner Pornhub is having a love affair with another cryptocurrency.

in verge •  last year 

I still remember the tension in the air when we were all waiting to see who the big XVG partner is. Some were already speculating that it is MindGeek but we all wanted to be sure before we start making fun of a currency that is somehow still resilient to complete obliteration.

As we all know, the big partnership with Pornhub was supposed to take the world by storm. In their own words, the future has cum. Well, it looks like Pornhub didn't have XVG in mind for that future. Their latest event called "Pornhub games" shows that there is no partnership and that they have a new "partner to promote". The casting ad for these games states that the winners will be paid out in Vice crypto tokens.


Like the 51% attack from yesterday wasn't bad enough. Vergins will have to accept the fact that XVG is only accepted as a payment method on a porn tube and that was paid for with their own money, that there was no love affair and that their "partner" is now sleeping with other currencies. Sounds like a bad plot for a porn movie doesn't it?

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Good information. The story always changes with cryptocurrencies. What is the future for Verge?

There is no future. We are waiting for it to die out eventually since it is pretty useless with all the security flaws.

Thats what I have thought for awhile. Thanks for the post!

if you do not know the difference between an exploit and %51 attack better not write about Crypto.

Nice article, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you. Can't trust those pornstars!

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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I'm not surprised. Two attacks in same amount of months, 55 M tokens stolen. XVG could be dead soon.

I honestly don't know how it is still alive.

great to start to my day jajajajjajaa

Verge tripped up.