[Homeless] binnacle of an odyssey. Voice, SPS+EIP, Humanity, Longevity and the whole concept of quality products & content.

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«-Juniper Bears-»

Well folks, we've already arrived to June. The second quarter of the year and certainly halfway through a brand new year. "The cabalistic 2020"

So, maybe it's a good time to take a look at the past and revisit our traces and footprints that we have left on the road that have led us to where we are now. Do you have your abacus ready?

As some curious cats here may know. I've been wandering through the wet streets & dusty alleys of the Steem Blockchain from long time ago. Almost three years now to be exact. And ¡Oh boy! ¿Have I been able to see things? Of course, you can bet I did!!

And along this odyssey and crusade, many changes, mutations, hybridizations, adaptations, celebrations, applauses, complaints and claims have happened that I have witnessed from the front row.

Life is not fair. And plenty of bitching, moaning, grumbling and laments flying everywhere are a strong overwhelming testimony of this fact and reality. From every average Joe. And from every geographical spot of this transitory blue ship, in which for now, we still travel crowded and stacked inside. Yeah, let me explain this better.

From twelve days ago, I've been posting a serie of articles under the main title: [Homeless] binnacle of an odyssey. A sentence that only serves as an antechamber to the serie's title and which then I culminate it with other phrases or sentences of what I'm thinking or want to communicate at that moment through said post. Yeah, thoughts also wanders indeed. };)

However for that insightful story. I think I'm going to give you the opportunity to find out it by yourself looking for them in my blog and reading all the information contained in my last handful of articles that describe in greater detail and talks about all this about it. Take all the time you wish to read them. There is no hurry yet.

Having said the above, let's enter now on what I came to talk about today. Which is all related, but not melted together, badly stirred and awfully scrambled.

Throughout today. I have stumbled upon a couple of interesting articles that greatly reinforce the general idea of what I wrote at the beginning of this post. The unpresentable Murphy & his omnipresent skulduggery.

The first one was an article written by @skramatters where he states that when it rains it pours and we always end up soaked as result. Click on the link and give it a good read. I assure you that you will entertain yourself and will learn one or two new things.

The other article comes from @hitmeasap. Another veteran steemian who is barely a month older than me swiming around the turbulent waters on the steem blockchain. Since he joined on 2016-07-08 being him the 15,150 early member of this ecosystem and I am the 51,069 having joined exactly on 2016-08-08 a month after.

So I think that both, he and I, have already had the opportunity to watch and witness multiple and diverse changes, experiments and reforms that have been made in our neighborhood, community and what we consider our home in the digital world. And whose post is basically the one that added the second sentence in the title of this post.

Yeah, of course. Go and read his article too. I suspect that you will learn and understand a few new things also. :)

"The Harbor Freights"

Cranky Gandalf

And well my dear friends, as the epilog of this story. I suspect that the next paragraphs, images and videos from now on in this article. Only will have to do with a few reflections and conclusions to which I have come after reading the articles of these well-known & prominent steemians above.

"There'll be always a broken from an unsewn"

"There is no rip that will ever won't need a patch"

So, as summary of this post.

Yeah! Voice, SPS+EIP, Humanity, Longevity and the whole concept of quality products & content. Is no more no less than the last figment of the Planned and Perceived Obsolescence of our own indescribable patience and the accumulated memories of the past.

¡Heil Murphy!

We'll keep in touch buddies!!

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf


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Muchisimas gracias paisanos!! :)

Un gesto muy apreciado y bienvenido por todos mis panas spanglishhablantes. Jajajaja }:)

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Yeah, thank you @cityofstars. In fact, Steemworld was again reachable half an hour after I published this post. But it had been offline for 2 hours when I started writing the article. So, from there the images in the screenshots.

Thanks for the link and your advice. :)

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