Curious about Venezuela?

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Kevin Zeese of Popular Resistance has just returned from Venezuela on a fact finding tour. If you are interested to know what is happening there (and not the version of white looking Venezuelians that can afford internet access) then have a listen....

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Thanks loads!

(and not the version of white looking Venezuelians that can afford internet access)

spot on!


Thanks for your interest!

there's some venezuelans on steem. but it's really unfortunate that infrastructure for internet isn't really there.
i don't see any clear solutions coming soon but i hope things change over there.


Maybe China will share some 5G love down that way and campaigns to donate old models of mobile phones, presently collecting dust in western desk drawers, could be launched. Then rewards could start going to poeple who really need them. My old work horse is a Galaxy S5. 😎

Though I didn't come or leave in Venezuela but I have always feel for their bad economic standard and I hope there is a positive turn around


Yes, the price of oil has hurt many oil producing countries yet the US sanctions have been the real nail in the coffin for Venezuela.

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