Trojan Horse in Venezuela

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There is a coup taking place in Venezuela and has been mounting for over a decade. As an American I am horrified and deeply saddened by the United States stance against the Maduro government, which has tried to maintain the Bolivarian revolution upheld by Hugo Chavez who so infamously fought to preserve the root identity of the nation. I would urge anyone interested in a non-Amerocentric take on Latin American geo-politics to research this issue further, or for a quick primer watch Oliver Stone’s 2010 documentary “South of the Border”. Because unlike the nightly news, it does not lie. For centuries, the USA has implemented destructive foreign policy around the world, meddling in elections, justifying illegal invasions, forcing regime change, murdering world leaders, all under the guise of “spreading Western democracy”. But we are not blind - Iraq, Libya, Syria, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Chile, Vietnam, and now Venezuela - a country with zero US & NATO military bases, yet surrounded by 75 of them in nearly every country throughout the continent. The MSM would rather spark confusion and violence, deflecting blame away from crippling USA led sanctions on the country to manipulate the outcome; all this ever leads to is more war and poverty. We have it so good here and the real issues truly need our deeper consciousness to decipher.

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