Who is the most intelligent person in Venezuela?

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Have you ever asked yourself that question? Maybe not, you may even think that there are no intelligent people left or, that these are getting away whenever they can. Or if you asked, in that case: Who did you think?

The question that I am sure you have ever asked yourself is: Who is the dumbest person in this country? I am also very sure that the majority responded without thinking: Nicolás Maduro. It's logical, right? After all, he does not stop screw up in public whenever he can, besides taking dozens of bad decisions.

However, what is being intelligent? We usually associate this "skill" with good values, such as honesty, integrity or respect, but this does not have to be the case. An intelligent person is simply the one who makes good decisions to achieve their goals, regardless of their morality.

Good examples are Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Napoleon, they were very intelligent people, they achieved important things, they shaped the history of humanity, however, they caused terrible damage, but that has nothing to do with their intelligence.


Inteligentes, pero malvados. Source.

Therefore, I can assure you that the most intelligent person in Venezuela is...

Nicolás Maduro

It is possible that at this moment you want to slap me, but think about it. A man who started out as a bus driver and ended up as the tyrant of an entire country –a tyranny that seems to be not over soon– is certainly not a foolish person.

It seems illogical, I know, since it says so many stupid and incoherent things, besides all the "bad decisions" he makes, however, it's those stupid things that make us underestimate it, that we think we're dealing with a moron that does not know what he is doing, which leads us to believe that it will not last long. However, empirical knowledge tells us otherwise.

But that is pure talk Julio, what matters are the actions, he is pusillanimous that is shown incapable with every wrong decision he makes.

Evil bourgeois being taken to "justice". Source.

However, dear reader, how do you know that his decisions are wrong? Do you still believe that he is focused on improving things? In that case, the fool is you. You are because you do not know your goal yet, what is this? Power. Quoting Orwell:

“Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

How to achieve absolute power? Through the state –or government, party, call it what you want, are merged–, How to empower the state? Busting the other institutions, especially the most important one, private property.

It is something very simple, you have to create a situation where the state comes to "help" for the benefit of the "people", you destroy private property, you say that it does not work; therefore, you take possession of everything, little by little, until the only owner, are you.

This makes us understand things like expropriation, price control, exchange control, increases minimum wages –or the simple existence of these–, among others.

A practical example that I experienced recently was the regulation of sausages. His "fair price" was 18 bs.S, therefore, the police obliged all merchants to give away –that cannot be called selling– their merchandise. The following week, the "official price" rose to 90 bs.S, therefore, many merchants could not recover. What does this accomplish? The bankruptcy of the sellers. Therefore, the only ones capable of selling will be the state's institutions.

Therefore, every decision made by the executive cabinet is not aimed at improving the economic situation of the nation but has the objective of increasing the power of those who sleep in Miraflores.

I hope you have understood what I want to express, at the time of writing this I am not at 100%, but I wanted to write about it, since there are still many who think that these communists are fools, but as a friend says:

You keep saying fools, but they're fucking you even with their balls.

I write this so that you wake up, in case you have not done it, it is not a homage, much less, maybe Maduro is a puppet or something similar, I do not know, I do not support the conspiracy theories, but hey, you catch it.

Are you stupid enough to think that the "leaders" do not know what they are doing? Or have you already realized their true motives? Let me know in the comments.

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I agree with you, @lulioccorderoc. These bastards are clever beyond compare. How else can anyone explain their remaining in power. You have to be smart to create mechanisms of control this efficient and put together people and resources to keep you afloat despite being on a broken ship.
They are machiavellian smart

They've the communist experience from Cuba, maybe that helps them. Thanks for comment!

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