VehiclePhotography "Diablo Rojo" Panama

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vehiclephotography diablorojo panama travel 800.jpg

The "Diablo Rojo" buses can be found throughout the country of Panama. Each bus is colorfully, decorated to represent a specific theme. Some are even outfitted with elaborate lighting systems for party buses at night. You could spend a lot of time photography these fun buses, as they are all very, cleverly painted, the artwork outstanding.

Thank you to @juliank for creating this #vehiclephotography contest for all of us to enjoy.

Photo taken with Pentax K-x f/8 1/640 sec In Panama

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Now that’s a great looking bus , maybe more people would use public transport if they all looked like that. Cheers


They really are very unique, I find them great works of art.

Looks amazing but there doesn't seem to be much space to look out of the windscreen.


I totally agree, I believe the consensus is they are crazy drivers too!

This is color day

wow this is cool, with with my friends unique color.

so beautiful vehicle! really funny ^_^


Thanks Silvia, they are always so colorful and all different.

This reminds me of a bus line in Oregon, United States decades ago called the Grey Rabbit. There were no seats in the bus like a normal bus. Instead the inside was carpeted there were pillows, beds, couches, and lounge chairs organized into conversation areas. Thanks for your wonderful post @sunscape


That sounds so late 60's 70's, love nostalgia. Everything circles back around. :-)

Do you live in Panama?