VehiclePhotography Contest Entry "Cargo"

in vehiclephotography •  10 months ago

When traveling behind a vehicle on a mountain road in Panama, wondering with amazement how that load could stay intact. Oh my!

Thank you to @juliank for creating this #vehiclephotography contest for all of us to enjoy.

Camera: Pentax K-x 300 mm lens Settings: ISO 400 f/7.1 Location: Panama

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Ha ha, I think there is something missing from the picture. Someone sleeping on top of all those chairs


hahaha that would have been comical for sure.

Have a seat ha ha.


I know right... A Panamanian tour

Ha, Ha. Love it. I have seen lots of different loaded trucks sort of like this one in El Salvador, but not quite like this one.
Great shot my friend.


I am sure you have, this was a first for me and it just amazed me. We do not see that here in the states.

They should be able to fit a Xmas tree on the top as well!!


hahaha that would be funny

Not sure if you're interested @sunscape, have nominated you for the 7 day black and white challenge

30 years ago i lived in Fodele Crete, this kind of heaped up cars , came once a week through the village. Shouting through a microphone, chairs tables table clothes and beds.... I did need a new bed, so i made the guy stop and asked for a bed, not seeing it on the top, he just started taking everything down from his car, and on the bottom there were the matrasses ! after giving me one matras, everything went up the car again. Fodele excists out of one main street, with bearly place for 2 cars, so all the greeks waited behind him patiencely. It always made me giggle. In 2009 we were there (also been this year) and in the village a bit more modern car, but same thigs still went on :


What a great story, and everyone was patient through the whole process, amazing.


i love it :-)

see is a beautiful photography