The literal highlight of my day

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One of the things that is nice when you are at a new office (or in my case hospital) is getting toured around. You can see so so much on how a company is functioning by how happy the staff looks.

Grumpy people = a lot going on

But people seemed very goodvibed at this company and that is really giving a trustworthy feeling I find. Tomorrow my tours and lectures will be finished and I will return to doing what I am actually trained for. Working as a surgical scrub. Nurse Karin, at your service!

Literal highlight of the day


Visiting the heli deck on the 18th floor!

Damn this is high, and today it was like totally windstill. Normally all heli pads are always strictly prohibited for other staff than Emergency room staff and Heli-staff but since we were touring we were allowed to go up.

The guy told me that in almost every type of weather this baby flies. So as I said, today was windstill and sunny skies. But imagine fog, snow and windsheers. Im glad I dont have to be up there every so often haha, I would get totally stressed out!


The view from the afternoon, that is what I will call it and I immediately thought of this song

Later on I saw the baby fly out, or better said I heard her flying out and I went to take a look.


Lets get rolling tomorrow for real, I am looking forward to it!!

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Great shot.

I like to be high but i dont like heights/depths :) Especially without a fence?👀

Spannend en gaaf hoor dat je op dat heliplatform mocht !