Vegan Dishonesty Part 2 | Is Anarchism only a political movement about people?

in veganism •  6 months ago


In part 2 of my critique on Larken Rose's 'Dishonest Vegans' video, I examine whether Anarchism is in relation to only a political movement or has deeper philosophical underpinnings about the way we treat human and non-human animals. Moreover, I respond to Larkens statements on the logical inconsistenty of applying the Non-Aggression Principle outside of the human species.

Human and Animal Rights. Where do we draw the line? |

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Black Racists: Racism is based on historical systemic oppression and power and as far as history goes, white people have never been persecuted for their colour so black people can't be racist.

Larken's stance on Anarchism:
Anarchism is a political philosophy that only applies to people. The Non-Aggression Principle (N.A.P)can't be logically applied to animals as animals don't respect the N.A.P and one can't be morally justified in thwarting an animal initiating violence on another animal.