Food Photography - Travel update

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Hi dear friends! I wish I had some of these snacks and berries right now, but we are still on the road in Spain.
After a wonderful beach day together with my dear friend @celestial_cow , sharing travel stories, eating the most amazing delicious food that she had prepared for our picnic, swims in the ocean enjoying the wild waves, play in the sand, I feel so grateful for making this trip together with my family an visiting new exciting places and especially getting to meet my dear friends that I have been following since I started with steemit! This is definitely the reason why I love social media, to get to know beautiful people all over the world. @celestial_cow is really one of the strongest and most inspiring people I know. Her knowledge and wisdom is endless, and her food the most healthy and delicious I know!❤🙏

We will arrive at our destination tonight, but we still have a few hours to go!

Wish you a wonderful day!❤🌈

Much love,

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