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So here we are again as so many people still seem to not understand the difference between terms and it thoroughly frustrates me. Dear public, Veganism is not a diet! I know that popular culture and people falsely claiming the label might make you believe it to be true- but it is not! So if veganism is not a diet what is it exactly you might ask. It is simple Veganism is a moral philosophy that happens to include a diet. If you do not subscribe to that philosophy or engage in actions that are contradictory to that philosophy you are not vegan, you are either vegan friendly (if you are just too weak to follow the philosophical guidelines but generally see them as correct) or plant based!

so what is at the core of vegan philosophy? This is what the Vegan society (the organisation that originally coined that phrase ) has to say about it:

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

and in the fine print the following is said >

There are many ways to embrace vegan living. Yet one thing all vegans have in common is a plant-based diet avoiding all animal foods such as meat (including fish, shellfish and insects), dairy, eggs and honey - as well as avoiding animal-derived materials, products tested on animals and places that use animals for entertainment.

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Modern plant based culture has, of late, widely taken the “practical” part way out of context. The best exhibit is the debate over the impossible burger ( a plant based meat alternative that is being celebrated as victory for the vegan cause but is in truth a trojan horse eroding the very moral foundation of the movement).
On first glance the impossible burger looks great it looks like meat , tastes like meat and will for these reasons appeal to meat eaters who have not been able or willing to change their distasteful habits. Prominent social media “vegans” often openly support the product and praise it as the next great step forward - but it is not! It is in fact a bloody (pun intended) disaster because it spits in the face of the core values of veganism!

Why is this you might ask yourself?- It is simple this product was tested on non human sentients, in this case rats. these experiments were not only brutal and glueing, but also totally unnecessary! No government entity demanded these tests, no law dictated them. They were purely conducted to widen the customer pool as it provided them with a label that is more sellable in mainstream markets. You will hear a large percentage of the plant based community bend over backwards to justify the move of this company. you will hear them say such things as “ but it was just a few thousand rats”. Well I will ask you this, where does the “just” stop? Just a few thousand dogs? cows? Pigs? Humans ? Human children?

We humans have a historical pattern of letting the “just a few” erode our moral and societal structures. In some things it is pure evolution and can be a good thing, in this case it is not. The success of the companies move to test, torture and kill those rats, prompted other formerly vegan companies to follow suit and do the same. It set a president that the devaluation of life was acceptable for the “greater good “!

Oh the greater good, where have we heard this before?- oh yes pretty much every societal evil is built on its foundation. Every holocaust, war and/or oppressive concept is sold under its name. Yet we humans fall into its convenient trap again and again because it is so much easier than standing ground and being seen as “troublemaker” or as “difficult”. People want to “belong’ so badly that they begin making compromises because being the outsider is uncomfortable as fuck. Those of us who still stand ground know this, it is a lonely fucking place we reside in. We are at best called radicals and annoying and at worst harassed, ridiculed and assaulted because we cannot stand silent in the face of or participate in practises that go against our very soul. There is a divide between us and the rest of the world, which often includes people we deeply love, this is painful and frustrating. It leads to depression, isolation and a profound loneliness that for many of us is only alleviated by contact with like minded in social media havens; as our real life environment is often void of such relationships.

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Are we difficult? - of course we are and proud of it . Just like every other person in history who believed in something that was just but unpopular, was seen as difficult and/or unreasonable. But it is historically the radicals who changed the face of this earth, not the ones basking the the appreciation of mainstream popularity. Yes we are angry about the attempts to dilute a philosophy we deeply believe in. Yes your attempts as selling yourself as the “good Vegans” the “reasonable vegans" appal and disgust us! It does not mean we hate you, good chance that we even love some of you, but what you are doing is literally attacking the moral foundation of our core beliefs and we are not going to smile and “just take it”. Your concessions are selling the public the view that veganism is something one can quit like a workout routine, cigarettes or a book club. look at the huge popularity of the “why I quit veganism” youtube culture- its become a repugnant pandemic.

Problem is that most of these so called vegans were never in it for the animals in the first place. it is usually people who went plant based for health, to lose weight or other non animal related reasons. the Public however does not understand this which leads to our second big problem. With a growing population of these plant based health and environment individuals flooding the scene those of us with moral base lines are being drowned out of public consciousness more and more. This is a real problem and not to be taken lightly the definition of veganism is being turned into a Coachella lifestyle label devoid of any real meaning. Veganism 2.0 plastic fantastic pass me some sugar coated cruelty please- FUCK NO!

Yes it is great that more and more plant based humans and options will reduce suffering, and our negative impact on our planet, but we “radical ‘ Vegans just aren’t willing to sell out any victim of the machine. So many of you say things like “the sacrifice of these few makes it possible for so many not to have to suffer”. Bullshit Scarlett! The problem is a sacrifice is a voluntary contribution and I still have to see one rat, dog, bovine, pig , lamb or any other non human sign up for any of the atrocities we have in store for them.
So all of you out there just know as long as I have breath in me I will call you out on your bullshit. If I love you I might be friendlier about it, but shut up I will not- so get used to it. I will discuss, nag, beg, give you dirty looks, withhold sex (yup I won’t fuck you, if you eat animals or animal products just don’t want that in my energy matrix ) even if I am desperately in love with you - girl has standards even if she does not always have sense where her affections end up.

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I also will not let you use the label Vegan and erode one of my deeply rooted core philosophies, just because you are unwilling or unable to understand it’s core concept. If you exploit animals in any way you are not Vegan. If you use, buy or defend products and items made from, tested on animals you are NOT Vegan! If you say things like “ I respect other people's choices” when they abuse, torture and feat on animals, or pay others to torture, abuse animals so they can live off the spoils of these actions, you are not Vegan ! You are at best plant based and at worst a plant based asshat! -and rest assured I will remind you of this so many times it will make you sick and potentially sick of me!

Don’t get me wrong I have people I love that are not vegan, even a few carnists. But no I do not respect their choices to participate in the mass murder, rape and torture of millions, the destruction of our planet and contribution to human suffering; and I will also never say something stupid like that, just to put them at ease or out of fear that they will abandon me (and yes like every being I am not immune to the fear of not being loved in return or rejected). I am and always will be that difficult batshit crazy Vegan that will tell you what she thinks, especially if you put it in my face. Take it or leave it I am not going to sell out who I am. I rather be the last person exiled in Siberia then sell my soul for a bit of false warmth and appreciation.


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