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RE: 🍽 Stay healthy! 😀😋Daily ice cream challenge: easy and quick raspberry ice cream 👌

in #vegan5 years ago

roots or raspberry? haha - my love for ice cream brought me here! I have to try this - got frozen bananas already in my fridge.
Now here is a serving tip: garnish with edible flowers!


well raspberry ice cream is how I originally started. haha
I love edible flowers, don't have them in my garden though. Well, I have some Nasturtium plants, but they don't really go with sweet desserts.
Hmm, maybe the orchids, but I have to check if they are edible. :)
thumbs up for the frozen bananas! :)

yes, Nasturtiums are good for a salad, or garnish on a sandwich - I used to grow them in my garden when I lived in Canada. Love that delicate radish-like taste!
About orchids:

Yeah, I also grow Nasturtium plants in my little home garden. Love them!
thanks for the orchid info!

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