Carmen Carangi | Confronting Vegan Villains with Foul Language in Philadelphia

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Carmen Carangi (@chickencaam) and his sister were off just having a meal together when the stumbled upon two Vegan activists (if you could even still call them that) who had recently embezzled close to $20,000.00 from the Group known as Liberation Philadelphia


They also self-admittedly deleted every social media account, chatroom, and Internet tool that Lib Philly used to organize their activism events in Philadelphia. This was sabotage to the highest level. Carmen and @PatrickALeach had being doing a lot of media coverage and tech support for the group, and got to watch the whole situation as it unfolded from behind the scenes.

Needles to say, Carmen was pretty pissed off about the whole thing, and when fate gave him the chance to speak his mind to the thieves he couldn't pass it up. The State of Anarchy has the whole story as well as @chickencaam's testimony of the wild encounter.

Enjoy the Political Incorrectness!

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Everyone wants to be important

I loved your message at the end where you say veganism is a mean to grow spiritually to you. It is the same to me although I have not made that final step yet.