How much do you really know about Veganism?

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On April 14th 2018,
Anonymous for the voiceless held a peaceful protest march throughout the city of Sydney to raise awareness towards animal rights, liberation from factory farms, animal testing and cruelty of every innocent species currently being exploited in Australia and around the world for human use and consumption.

The March was held near the Sydney Opera House following a screening of the new Documentary "Dominion" which features up to date facts and footage from within these prison farming systems and the cruelty and inhumane treatment of beautiful, intelligent sentient creatures on a global scale.

The importance of the Veganism Movement is at an all time high with climate change, deforestation and our oceans turning to bare wastelands devoid of life.

Go Vegan today and be a part of the movement for a better future for yourself, our children, the innocent animals and a clean future.

It is up to the people to make change today.

To check out screenings of the insightful Documentary go to -

If you are interested on how to make this lifestyle change you can check out a few helpful sites:

Please follow me for inspiration how to make change:





Have you seen Dominion yet? I cry at least a few times a week just thinking about what I already know about how we treat animals. Sometimes I feel I want to watch more documentaries (knowledge is power, ya know), but there comes a point when I just feel like I'm torturing myself by watching and researching animal welfare.

Hey lady! Yes I have seen Dominion. This video took place after the first viewing in Sydney... I was crying through the entire thing!

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