Day 129 of 777 - #seven77 Exercise Challenge

in #vegan4 years ago

Greetings fellow Earth citizens :)

Day 129 of the challenge done with. I was planning to go to a ninja gym for some fun training today, but the person I was going to go with had an emergency come up and so we rescheduled. While I was a little bummed about not going, I am still fairly sore so going another time will allow me to really push myself there. I do want to get into these kinds of movements more. It'll be awesome to have the opportunity to do this training regularly.

Have you ever watched American Ninja Warrior? Most people I know seem to have seen it at least once, and think it's really cool. I feel like it would be an awesome experience to try it out, but right now I don't know how far I'd get haha. I definitely need to work on my grip strength a lot. Rock climbing for the win.

Here is the link to my twitter post about today's challenge.

Until next time,



Great work on your #seven77 push-ups challenge.

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