Delicious Vegan Burgers in Australia 🍔

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Traveling around Australia and New Zealand, I ate a lot of vegan burgers 😋 One of the best was at the Australian Grill'd in Gold Coast.
Have you ever ordered a vegetarian or vegan burger?
I am happy that there are more and more places where you can eat a delicious burger without meat.
And you know what? They are really good, they have super sauces and original additives. Always ask for vegetarian options on the menu.
Will you try it?
Moni 🍔

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Have a great week Monika and thanks again for bringing quality content to the #Steem Blockchain.


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Delicious Vegan Burgers in Australia 🍔 . #STEEM #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #Steemit @steepshot

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Thank you, Stephen for your support. I really appreciate that.
Have a nice week! :)

WOW i live burger. Some time i eat with my family

I lov Burger..
Share on twitter..

Thank you for sharing.

I love burger . Shared on twitter mam

Thank you for sharing!

I like the ones that are firm and hold together when you bite into them. I’ve had some spicy black bean ones with a nice crust that were amazing. I can’t deal with the mushy ones that fall apart.

I think vegan lifestyle is far more settled in Australia than it is in Europe. Might be due to the climate there ...
I don't like burgers actually - in my eyes they have that fast food image still - nut I appreciate every patties or meatball recipe baed on vegetables (means: everything but soy).

Thank you for comment @isarmoewe
I'm not sure if Australia is more vegan than Europe. Berlin or Warsaw are truly vegan cities!
But yes, the warm climate gives a lot of vegetables and fruits throughout the year.

Oh! how delicious they look. I could eat at once ))
Great photo, @monika-homa


These burgers are eggplant, broccoli and leek. ))

Looks really delicious! I love grilled eggplant :)

Really delicious food..IMG_20181029_191903.jpg

Thank you 😊

I will try it, @monika-homa! Im always looking for vegan menu.

I am happy you like it! 😊

And now Dear Monika, tell us how to eat such delicacies and not get dirty with sauce and burger? Ha? ;) <3

PS I love the sesame!

ha ha dear @the-veggie-sloth trust me, I shouldn't publish my photos after eating this burger... only for Halloween 🤣🤣🤣
I also fell in love with this sesame ;))

So... It's today! :))

That looks very delicious, I was only wondering is there anything with red beet roots as the color is typical for it. Have never tasted vegetarian Hamburger, have no idea how it could taste, would be great to taste it :)

My burger was of course with beets ;
You should go to the vegan burger restaurant! And let me know how you liked it ;)

Looks delicious! Vegan Style! 🍔

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Go vegan!
Thank you 😊

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Hello, thank you for message and for you resteemd!

wow Very tasty bread

Hey moni!

Even though the burger is vegan, my mouth is watering! delicious! Sounds good with the trip to Australia 🇦🇺!

uwielbiam pozdrowienia! 😀

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Hello! 😃
Yes, Australia and New Zealand are good places for "foodies" :)
Dziękuję bardzo 😊

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